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Unleash the power of online container booking and other logistics services with Optimal Logistique Services. By creating a business account, you can pre-ship a container online, request inland towing and trucking services, manage your bookings, view a history of your bookings, receive shipping specials for our valued customers.

Do more and save more with Optimal Logistique Services.

Air Freight

For your critical shipments that need immediate attention, Optimal Logistique Services will assist you in a timely manner and provide you with the fastest service.
Whether it is a controlled temperature, oversized cargo, dangerous goods or any other special requirements, our team have the expertise to handle your shipment. Request for a quote !
WorldWide Deliveries. Based on a DoorToDoor service, kindly start with a rate quote request. Optimal Logistique Services will offer you the best rate and arrange your shipment as per your instructions
If you have time constraints, if your merchandise is fragile or has a great value, Optimal Logistique Services offers you a wide range of Air transportation with major airline partners.