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Unleash the power of online container booking and other logistics services with Optimal Logistique Services. By creating a business account, you can pre-ship a container online, request inland towing and trucking services, manage your bookings, view a history of your bookings, receive shipping specials for our valued customers.

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Ground Freight

Do you require your freight delivered timely, with Daily reports, Weekend reports; Then come to Optimal Logistique Services for your peace of mind
Whether locally, throughout Canada / USA, Optimal Logistique Services have this lane secured. From collection at Airports to various Warehouses, we move these shipments frequently with Day-to-Day updates
We have secured the best partners with whom we can provide the very best services for these complicated loads. With years of experience, no OOG loads are transloaded until every I is dotted, every T is crossed.
Looking for On - Time deliveries with accurate ETA timing, Optimal Logistique Services will push all endeavours to make this happen for you. We do go the extra mile !